Glenelg, Inverness-shire, Scotland

Sold in 1811 by chief McLeod, along with many of his other properties on the Isle of Skye that were not entailed, to a group of merchants from the lowlands. These landholders were more interested in sheep-farming than allowing the clans that had farmed the properties for centuries to continue to do so.  In fact, one never saw them personally, only the effects of their Factor, as he collected taxes and made decisions that nobody liked.  Although Meri was far less interested in the politics than why anyone would kick Mrs. McGillivray off her land.

Glenelg Bay in early June
Glenelg Bay in early June with the Isle of Skye in the distance

The Journey of Merion MacRae

This will follow the 1815 journey of a group of highlanders from the north west coast of Scotland, specifically one young girl’s family, as they make the decision to emigrate to Upper Canada in response to a plea from the British Government for settlers, and even more important, severe economic and political conditions in their homeland.

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